Wedding Hair For Black Women – Brides & Bridesmaids

Ding, dong…the church bells ring and here are some wedding hairstyles for Black women. In the photo above, the maid of honour is wearing her hair long and sleek in a relaxed style – looking like a maiden indeed. The bride, wearing white, has her relaxed hair perfectly sleeked back so the focus is on her veil, her crown as “princess for the day.” If looking great is a good start, both of these women look ready to have an unforgettable day! Wonder how the groom looks?

There is no doubt about it, on your wedding day you and your bridesmaids must see a hairdresser, and make sure it is someone you really trust. This is not a day to go venturing to a salon you have not been to before to just “try it out because you heard it was good.” Tried, tested and true, as the Chevrolet commercial once said is the way to go! Your wedding day is too important not to go to a hairdresser that you have a satisfaction guaranteed track record with. Make sure of this. You want those wedding photos to come back being a lasting impression of how beautiful you can be.



Going to a trusted hairdresser should probably be the order of the day for everyone in your wedding party. This way, everyone can look their very best and also have memories through the photos that they will remember fondly. A wedding is a bonding and a performance contract of love – it should also be one rip roaring party that you will not ever forget!

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