Unique Hairstyles with Braids for Black Hair

It’s one thing to look good but another to look good while doing something different (like some of Amber Rose’s shaved ‘dos). We’re here to help with some inspiration for unique hairstyles with braids for black hair.


The asymmetry of one side hairstyles is always interesting to look at and very on trend for 2014. Check out how the contrast by tight braids and a short afro focuses attention on the face. This unique braided hairstyle will have you feeling like you stand out in the all the right ways.




This one side hairstyle combines corn rows and voluminous natural hair for an easy to wear but exciting look. How to choose which side to wear let hair loose on? The opposite direction of your side part of course. While it can be good to switch up the part once in a while, this is one way to focus attention on your good side (we all have one!).




Similar to the side ponytails of the 80s and 90s but with an updated edge. Braids means you get to rock the look without styling hair every day. You don’t have to a unique hairstyle just like this – it wouldn’t be unique anymore. This is could be inspiration for a similar look you create.