Wedding Hair For Black Women – Brides & Bridesmaids


Ding, dong…the church bells ring and here are some wedding hairstyles for Black women. In the photo above, the maid of honour is wearing her hair long and sleek in a relaxed style – looking like a maiden indeed. The bride, wearing white, has her relaxed hair perfectly sleeked back so the focus is on her veil, her crown as “princess for the day.” If looking great is a good start, both of these ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Hair & Money – Stay Beautiful While Saving!


Taking care of black hair can be really, really expensive. Have you seen Chris Rocks's 2009 documentary Good Hair? If not, you should! Black women in America spend more money on their hair than any other cultural or racial group. Black women spend billions of dollars a year on their hair! Now, we know we need to look good, but how can we save money and put more of that towards other things that ... Get the hairstyle!

Crown Braid


Braided hairstyles are everywhere right now (think one big braid vs lots of little ones). The queen of them all is the crown braid. Seen in many variations on red carpets and runways, why not try this braided updo yourself? It’s a stunning look for prom or any special occasion and easy enough to style yourself. [adsense]   Melody Thornton wore the length of hair is braided and coiled ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Hair Prom 2013 – Curls Worn Down


For cute black hair - prom 2013, check out this picture of curls worn down! The gorgeous yet simple and easy to wear look. Hair around the face is braided into diagonal cornrows and transitions into luscious curls. Wearing hair down looks great with a strapless prom dress - curls cascade over the shoulders and down the back. The braids pull hair back off the face, so highlight eyes with dramatic ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Natural Hair – Gorgeous Curls!


Check out how gorgeous curls from natural long hair can be. Once you've gone natural, it will take some time to grow hair past the shoulders. The average rate of hair growth is 6 inches a year, which of course takes longer to show with curly to tightly coiled hair. After having the dedication and patience to grow natural hair long, show off gorgeous natural curls by wearing hair down. To keep hair ... Get the hairstyle!

Natural Black Hair – 3 Tips for Short Hair


If you're embracing the natural black hair trend, you're probably starting with short hair. In addition to being an attractive hairstyle for women of all ages, cutting hair short lets natural texture shine. To keep hair looking its best without harsh chemicals, follow these 3 tips for short hair. 1. Shampoo Weekly - Once a week is enough shampooing for kinky hair that tends to be dry. Some ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Hair Updos for Weddings – With Veil


The key to finding your best bridal hairstyle is working with your natural beauty and personal sense of style. In addition to looking beautiful on your special day, you also want to be comfortable. There are lots of options for black hair updos for weddings - from braided updos to classic looks. This simple updo with a veil focuses all the attention on the bride's stunning face. Between the white ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Wedding Hairstyles – Braided Updo


The best black wedding hairstyles make you look and feel like a queen. This elaborate braided updo does just that - with or without the crown-like  headband. Extra long twists of brown and black hair are braided into across the hairline at the forehead and back along the crown. The braided updo starts with some height at the back of the head, creating the perfect place for the rhinestone studded ... Get the hairstyle!