Long Hair

Black Curly Hair: 10 Natural Hair Pictures


The easy decision is transitioning to natural hair. The hard part is finding just the right cut for your face and lifestyle. How long should it be? What shape? Yes or no to bangs? These 10 pictures of black curly hair should help! From medium to long styles, with and without bangs, one of these natural hairstyles should work for you!   Once you've got that gorgeous hairstyle, get ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Celebrity Hairstyles for Long Hair for Black Women


  So now you've got the long locks but what to do with it? These celebrity pictures show 5 hot ways to wear hairstyles for long hair for black women! On the red carpet long, luscious curls are always in style. Sanaa Lathan keeps curls to minimum, using them to add volume all over and curly bangs. [adsense]   One of the growing trends for 2014 is wearing hair in ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Relaxed Hair Pictures


Check out this gorgeous long flowing relaxed hair! There are so many great haircuts and hairstyles! Try a V-cut back for a dramatic cut or U-shape for softness. Wear hair up in a bun, down in a braid, or add some curls! Check out these long relaxed hair pictures!   [adsense] ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Natural Hair Pictures


What's more beautiful than naturally curly hair worn long? You've spent a long time growing out your hair, now show it off with one of these long black hairstyles! Check out these long natural hair pictures to get inspired.   [adsense] ... Get the hairstyle!

Hair Color for Black Women – Auburn


Look at this stylish, ravishing and understated hint of auburn and deep red in the shoulder length Black relaxed hair to the right. The color is just right! Not too bright, not too understated either. One can only imagine how that hair looks in bright sunlight. Probably like the beautiful Ethiopian women in their country who put henna in their hair. Hair color for Black women has become ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Natural Hair – Gorgeous Curls!


Check out how gorgeous curls from natural long hair can be. Once you've gone natural, it will take some time to grow hair past the shoulders. The average rate of hair growth is 6 inches a year, which of course takes longer to show with curly to tightly coiled hair. After having the dedication and patience to grow natural hair long, show off gorgeous natural curls by wearing hair down. To keep hair ... Get the hairstyle!