Hair Color for Black Women – Auburn

Look at this stylish, ravishing and understated hint of auburn and deep red in the shoulder length Black relaxed hair to the right. The color is just right! Not too bright, not too understated either. One can only imagine how that hair looks in bright sunlight. Probably like the beautiful Ethiopian women in their country who put henna in their hair.

Hair color for Black women has become extremely sophisticated. A look such as you see in the photo is not something many women could achieve by doing it themselves. This is an experts touch, an experts handy work…and it is recommended to see a hairdresser to achieve such a beautiful hair color.

There are also natural hair stylists who handle relaxed hair and will be able to use a hint of henna instead of chemicals. This would be highly recommended for anyone who has sensitive skin, including the skin on their scalp.



Although this Black hair does look relaxed, it is possible to achieve straight shoulder length hair if you have the length with your natural hair. A comb attachment to your blow dryer to apply to your Black hair after washing, or a flat iron can achieve this look with ease. Please use caution when using styling tools with heat. Always use a heat protectant spray first and never used the highest heat setting, which can burn and damage hair.