Hair Color for Black Women: 4 Hot Looks

Sometimes a girl needs a change. You can buy great new shoes, a hot lipstick, or get a haircut…but what if you don’t want to mess with your the look you have going. There’s only one thing to do – hair color! It’s such a fun and temporary way to try out something different. Check out these pictures for 4 hot ways to rock hair color for black women.


One of the best color choices for African American women is shades of red. From deep auburn to bright cherry, scarlet hues are gorgeous with every shade of coffee skin. While it’s best to leave hair dye to the professionals, that doesn’t work for many budgets. If you’re going to dye black hair auburn, just do it without using bleach. That eliminates the possibility of ending up with a shock in the mirror due to fried orange hair followed by tears.

There are a couple options to dye black hair auburn without bleach. L’Oréal Hicolor Hilights in red or magenta is specifically formulated to add bright color to dark hair without pre-lightening. It’s not a kit so you’ll also need 30 volume developer, dye brush, and plastic bowl for mixing. Protect your skin with vaseline around the hairline, plastic or rubber gloves, and an old towel around the shoulders. Check out this video for step by step instructions.



If you don’t have your heart set on completely red hair, simply use a red dye on top of dark hair. This will add dark red hues, especially in the sun. This will keep hair healthy and lets you experiment with color. Check out Directions Vermillion Red, Manic Panic Vampire Red, or Deep Red Henna for a natural option. Stay away from permanent box dyes from the drugstore because they will have to grow out rather than wash out, leading to unwanted roots. Instead, opt for the above dyes or a semi or demi-permanent formula. Check out the process here.


For a similar effect, blue black is subtle yet surprising shade to add to African-American hair. The best shades out there are Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Creme Hair, Adore Creative Image Indigo Blue, and Punky Color Atlantic Blue. Use the same method as above.

Reds, blues, and purples wash out really quickly. Advice from experience is not to wash hair at all after dying hair these colors – you’ll just see it wash down the drain. But if you’re following the Curly Girl no-poo formula, that’s no problem (right?).


Let’s face it, blonde hair is the most coveted color, maybe the world over. Of course, it’s the most difficult to get right and maintain. When it’s good, it’s great but when it’s bad, it’s really bad. Golden blonde or lighter platinum are difficult to match to your exact skin tone, especially because light hair can become brassy.

Plus, lightening dark hair this many tones is hard on hair. If blonde is for you, leave the bleach, the roots, and growing out process to experts near you. We’re not even going to tell you how to do it yourself. Don’t trust just any colorist, make sure the person you choose is an expert in black hair as well as hair color.


Ombre highlights are the hottest hair color trend of the year. The gradual transition from darker roots to golden tips is glamorous and flattering yet so natural. This is another one that is almost impossible to replicate at home. For the hottest colorists, you’ll be in the salon for up to 8 hours to achieve those perfectly sun-kissed locks.


You’ve got a broken record here but for relaxed hair, trust all hair color to the professionals. Chemical straightening and perms dry out and damage hair. Bleaching hair on top of that can cause breakage, literally hair breaking off, yikes!

Afterwards, use one of the best conditioners for color treated black hair, including daily options like Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Conditioner and a weekly hair mask like the worth every penny Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Thick Hair Mask.