Hair Care for Black Women

Solange’s natural hair


  Natural hair is gaining popularity everywhere, including with celebrities. Solange Knowles has been rocking natural curls for a few years now, toning down her massive afro into this more manageable 'do. Here are a few ways to you can get Solange's natural hair. 1. Prevent damage Use protective styles like braids, wrap hair in a satin or silk scarf, and switch to a satin or silk ... Get the hairstyle!

4 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Black Hair


Are you making the switch from permed hair to natural hair? You are not alone! More and more Black women are making the move to natural hair and a big reason is the desire to have healthier hair. Here are some things to look out for while going natural and 4 easy tips to make the transition easier and gorgeous. 1. Double-duty stylist - Now is the time to start seeing a natural hairstylist who ... Get the hairstyle!

Hair Color for Black Women – Auburn


Look at this stylish, ravishing and understated hint of auburn and deep red in the shoulder length Black relaxed hair to the right. The color is just right! Not too bright, not too understated either. One can only imagine how that hair looks in bright sunlight. Probably like the beautiful Ethiopian women in their country who put henna in their hair. Hair color for Black women has become ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Hair & Money – Stay Beautiful While Saving!


Taking care of black hair can be really, really expensive. Have you seen Chris Rocks's 2009 documentary Good Hair? If not, you should! Black women in America spend more money on their hair than any other cultural or racial group. Black women spend billions of dollars a year on their hair! Now, we know we need to look good, but how can we save money and put more of that towards other things that ... Get the hairstyle!