Finger Coils – Natural Hair

Add some fun and funk to your natural hair with finger coils. The amazing thing about Black hair is that it really can do just about anything. With this coil out style, you have some options. You can either go to your favourite hairdresser (be sure to to choose an expert when it comes to natural hair) to get the look, or you can also do it yourself.

If you are going to try short coils on natural Black hair yourself, you can purchase twisty rollers at any beauty supply store, or even the Dollar Store. Twist freshly washed hair onto the rollers. You can sit under a hair drying bonnet, or just let it air dry. Either way, this fun natural hair is easy to style.



The style should last up at least three weeks. To maintain the short coils, use your fingers to comb, rather than a brush or a comb. This will make sure that the structure of the short coils will remain in place. At night, or before you go to go to bed, try to wear a sleeping cap to make sure your (satin) pillow does not fuzz out your short coils too much. As well, if you have satin or silk pillowcases, this is a great way to keep the look fresh! This look works well for both short or long hair.