Braids always look stunning, check out these hair braids, and braided hairstyles for women.

5 Cute Ways to Wear Braids for Black Hair


Not that wearing braids ever went out of style but they are definitely back in a big way! With celebs like Solange, Beyoncé, and Willow Smith rocking long, luxurious braids, the look is back in the mainstream. For more ways to get the look, check out these 5 cute ways to wear braids for black hair. Whatever type of braids you choose, keep them healthy and the hair underneath with a water-based ... Get the hairstyle!

Unique Hairstyles with Braids for Black Hair


It's one thing to look good but another to look good while doing something different (like some of Amber Rose's shaved 'dos). We're here to help with some inspiration for unique hairstyles with braids for black hair. The asymmetry of one side hairstyles is always interesting to look at and very on trend for 2014. Check out how the contrast by tight braids and a short afro focuses attention ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Hairstyle Trends – Micro Cornrows


Micro cornrows are a beautiful and lasting style that is one of the popular Black hairstyle trends. As you can see from the photo above, this style is elegant, attractive and suitable for any occasion. Black women have made this look so popular that even Black men are wearing this style! The ease of the look makes it a favourite for many. Most people could not get cornrows this fine on their ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Hair Prom 2013 – Curls Worn Down


For cute black hair - prom 2013, check out this picture of curls worn down! The gorgeous yet simple and easy to wear look. Hair around the face is braided into diagonal cornrows and transitions into luscious curls. Wearing hair down looks great with a strapless prom dress - curls cascade over the shoulders and down the back. The braids pull hair back off the face, so highlight eyes with dramatic ... Get the hairstyle!

Black Wedding Hairstyles – Braided Updo


The best black wedding hairstyles make you look and feel like a queen. This elaborate braided updo does just that - with or without the crown-like  headband. Extra long twists of brown and black hair are braided into across the hairline at the forehead and back along the crown. The braided updo starts with some height at the back of the head, creating the perfect place for the rhinestone studded ... Get the hairstyle!