Black Hairstyle Trends – Micro Cornrows

Micro cornrows are a beautiful and lasting style that is one of the popular Black hairstyle trends. As you can see from the photo above, this style is elegant, attractive and suitable for any occasion. Black women have made this look so popular that even Black men are wearing this style! The ease of the look makes it a favourite for many.

Most people could not get cornrows this fine on their own. This is when it’e best to go to a hairdresser that specializes in Black hair. For many of us, the first person who ever did such an elegant style on our heads was our mother or female guardian. To think, after all of these years, many, many Black women are going to a salon to pay to get their hair done in micro-cornrows! Well…it does make sense. The style is gorgeous!



The best thing about micro-cornrows is that this style lasts a long, long time. This is a truly a style where you can get up in the morning from sleeping, shower and be out the door in no time to get on with your day. You will still look fantastic with your micro-cornrows. Micro-cornrows also work well for longer hair too.