Afro Hairstyles

Beautiful afro hairstyles for women.

Solange’s natural hair


  Natural hair is gaining popularity everywhere, including with celebrities. Solange Knowles has been rocking natural curls for a few years now, toning down her massive afro into this more manageable 'do. Here are a few ways to you can get Solange's natural hair. 1. Prevent damage Use protective styles like braids, wrap hair in a satin or silk scarf, and switch to a satin or silk ... Get the hairstyle!

12 Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair


  When going natural, it's often easiest to start fresh with a short haircut. This way hair is the healthiest it can be and easier to maintain. Of course there is the teeny weeny afro but there are plenty more beautiful natural hairstyles for short hair to choose from. Check out these short natural hair pictures for 12 cool looks with bangs, twists, coils, and gorgeous curls. We have it on ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Cute Afro Hairstyles


  If you're going natural, the afro is one of the best options for short and medium length hair. It seems like there's only one afro style but that's not true at all! The cuts are all rounded but that's where the similarities end. Different type of curls means you can get your own unique look. Check out these pictures of 3 cute afro hairstyles to find one that works for you! Curly ... Get the hairstyle!

Afro Hair Pictures


Afros look great and are a great way to maintain natural hair! Whether your style is cute or too cool, check out these afro hair pictures! There are so many ways to wear afros! Super short or long and combed out big, oh so round or with visible curls.   [adsense] ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Natural Hair Pictures (and some medium!)


Check out these short natural hair pictures (and some medium length)! Whether you're transitioning to natural hair  or just like to keep things simple by wearing black hair short, you'll find a great look! From light hair to super cute short 'fros, and close cropped to medium length, there are so many great ways to wear naturally curly hair short! Enjoy these pictures in order of length! ... Get the hairstyle!

Natural Black Hair – Maintaining an Afro


Maintaining a short, well-cropped, and taken care of afro is an attractive look for anything and any time in your life. It is a great look for evening wear, plus a great look for work, as well as easy to maintain for sporty types to have an easy-wear style for exercising. Here are some tips for how to keep your afro healthy. Try to use only natural products for your afro. Many products can ... Get the hairstyle!