5 Cute Ways to Wear Braids for Black Hair

Not that wearing braids ever went out of style but they are definitely back in a big way! With celebs like Solange, Beyoncé, and Willow Smith rocking long, luxurious braids, the look is back in the mainstream. For more ways to get the look, check out these 5 cute ways to wear braids for black hair.

Whatever type of braids you choose, keep them healthy and the hair underneath with a water-based spritz followed by sealing them with an oil.  This combination moisturizes without leading to meshing, locking, or product buildup.

Try African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray to stop breakage, split ends, and dryness followed by jojoba oil to seal the braids. Spritz hair once week or up to everyday, depending on your hair type. Seal with oil every few days or again, once a week. More frequent oil treatments can attract dirt and require washing.


Once you get those braids, they are an easy yet glam look! The easiest look is to wear them down like Janet Jackson in Poet Justice. The look is equally good with teeny tiny Brandy braids or thicker box braids. Or pull hair into a super high ponytail or bun for a fabulous look for work, school, and the weekend. Beyoncé recently looked amazing with a simple topknot, perfect for keeping cool in the heat and humidity of Cuba.



For a twist on the usual braids, try two-strand braids. It looks impossible that hair can stay in this style but it’s really easy. Each strand is twisted tightly and then they are twisted together. For a different look that’s not too different, this is for you!

If simple braids aren’t the look for you, get creative! Braids can be sculpted into so many unique and different looks. This bold ‘do lets kinky hair loose in a faux hawk while braiding the sides and back tight to the head. Add extra oomph to this hairstyle with color!

Hairstyles with bangs is one of our top posts. Wearing fringe straightened or relaxed is the obvious choice but not the only one. These heavy bangs worn on an angle work for every face shape and are especially flattering for round, heart, and long faces or high foreheads. These braided bangs are so cute with shoulder length hair or longer as well.