5 Black Hairstyles with Bangs Pictures


Judging from the most popular posts on this site, you ladies love bangs so here are 5 more black hairstyles with bangs pictures to inspire your next haircut!


If you’re not sure if bangs are a good idea, side swept bangs are the best option. They are flattering on everyone, especially round faces and high foreheads. Even better, they can be cut wispy for thinner hair, full for thicker hair, or layered for natural hair. The way this fringe is parted on one side and hits the middle of the brow on the opposite side is just perfect.


For thicker hair or to get more forehead coverage, try longer and fuller side bangs. Heavier bangs will also need a little more help staying in place so use a frizz fighter that also provides some hold like Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel.




These bangs are cut on a diagonal so they can be styled straight forward and to the side. Bangs dry really quickly and tend to frizz and fly away so give them a quick blow dry after the shower while guiding them into place with your fingers. If that’s not enough to set the bangs, use a 1″ flat iron or 1/2″ mini iron.


Blunt bangs worn straight over the forehead are a hot look right now and classic pairing with a bob hairstyle. This has been Bones’ Tamara Taylor‘s best hairstyle to date and is a beautiful and flattering cut on just about everybody. If straight across bangs aren’t for you, wear you bob with side swept bangs or none at all.


Blunt bangs don’t have to be a curtain of hair, though that looks great too. Bangs have the same effect cut light enough that there the forehead can peak through. Use a little styling cream or pomade like Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme to add texture and hold bangs in place without weighing bangs down. Bright color at the back adds to the fun and fresh look.

If you want to try bangs without cutting hair, try some clip-on bangs. They can be surprisingly good and what a surprise for your friends! Check them out in side swept bangs or blunt fringe.