4 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Black Hair

Are you making the switch from permed hair to natural hair? You are not alone! More and more Black women are making the move to natural hair and a big reason is the desire to have healthier hair. Here are some things to look out for while going natural and 4 easy tips to make the transition easier and gorgeous.

1. Double-duty stylist – Now is the time to start seeing a natural hairstylist who is also knowledgeable about permed hair. As your natural hair grows out, you will need to keep trimming the ends from your permed hair until your natural hair is at a length that you feel comfortable with. Your stylist can help you find the best style for in between and your natural hair.

2. Invest in satin – A tip to help you with this hair transition is to invest in satin. The silky smooth fabric doesn’t have the friction of cotton (even high thread count sheets) that can cause breakage. Sleeping on satin pillowcases at night will make a difference in the health of your hair, eyebrows, and can help skin too!

Make sure to buy a good hat with a satin lining to get you through bad hair days or when you’re short on time. Also make sure not to wear hats too often. The pressure can constrict the blood vessels of your scalp and prevent hair growth.


3. Stay healthy – While you are getting your hair back to its healthiest and natural state, there are many things you can do to help the process. Of course, rinse or washing your hair  is key. Use gentle products and shampoo as little as possible.

Hair and skin are markers of health. Exercise gets blood flowing through the entire body, which helps both muscles and hair grow. Make sure you also eat a healthy diet.

For the benefit of your hair, please stay away from the junk food and the rest of your body and soul. Plus, make sure you drink lots of liquids, such as water, rather than juices. Sugars are known to constrict the blood vessels which would inhibit your hair growth.

4. Read – An investment that will keep paying off is books about natural hair. We highly recommend a series by Lonnice Brittenum Bonner. You will find these books full of valuable information.

The books are all available on online or older versions can be found used for a bargain basement rate.

You can find out more great information that help you with your never-ending hair journey right here on Black Hairstyle Trends. Check back often for new photos and stories!