3 Cute Afro Hairstyles


If you’re going natural, the afro is one of the best options for short and medium length hair. It seems like there’s only one afro style but that’s not true at all! The cuts are all rounded but that’s where the similarities end. Different type of curls means you can get your own unique look. Check out these pictures of 3 cute afro hairstyles to find one that works for you!


Curly hair worn natural is such a carefree and beautiful look and changing the color adds a touch of fun. When wearing loose, keep hair conditioned and tangle-free with a multi-purpose product like Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Detangler. It’s one of the best products for afro hair because it works, a little goes a long way, and it’s never greasy.




This adorable afro gets a different look from adding a part. Some hair is natural curls while front layers or rolled into loose dreads. Get extra control for an afro at any length with all natural and fragrant Aveda Control Paste.


To style an afro, start by stretching hair in 2-strand twists or braids overnight. Take the twists or braid out and start picking hair in every direction to build all over volume. Last, spray hair with water while forming the afro with fingers.

For shorter hair, you can skip the first steps and just work fingers through hair with a lightweight leave-in product like Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner until hair reaches the desired shape.